Space to all

Parking & Estate

The entire area by Erhvervspark Lolland is laid out for heavy transport and there are optimal parking conditions no matter where in the area you rent.

All buildings in Erhvervspark Lolland in Holeby have parking spaces.

As a tenant in Erhvervspark Lolland, there will always be good parking conditions for both employees and guests.

The whole area is also laid out for heavy transport, so that goods and freight can always be driven right to the door.

There are two driveways on H. Christoffersensvej, and two driveways on Østervej. In this way, there is easy access to all the business premises in Erhvervspark Lolland

As tenants in Erhvervspark Lolland, you can join the canteen scheme in the staff restaurant “Cocotten”, which is centrally located in the area and thereby benefit from the restaurant's meeting facilities, staff canteen and course rooms.
Cocotten delivers an impressive selection of freshly prepared food that smells good of safe quality. Here is delicious and well-prepared food to the delight of all taste buds.

By far most of the food in the staff restaurant, consists of homemade food, created with love on the basis of fresh, delicious ingredients. At Cocotten, they believe that what is good and genuine will please most people.

Employees employed in companies in Erhvervspark Lolland will be given a card on which cash can be deposited, and then traded at favorable prices.

In this building, it will also be possible to rent conference rooms as well as smaller meeting rooms for, for example, guest lunch.

Good and open conditions

Canteen & meeting rooms

Good environment

Staff facilities

There are a number of staff facilities in Erhvervspark Lolland

Under the staff restaurant there is a larger changing room, with space for storage in closets, as well as good bathing opportunities.

Immediately in connection with the changing facilities, there is an exercise club, where the staff has the opportunity to use various training equipment.

Erhvervspark Lolland A/S also operates Midtlollands Lagerhotel.

Close to the motorway to Copenhagen, and the crossing Rødby-Puttgarten.

We are a modern warehouse that has halls with and without crane coverage.

Contact us

Østervej 2  
4960 Holeby 
Tlf.: +45 22 95 17 20

Large warehouse hotel close to you and the EU 


Large warehouse hotel close to you and the EU 


The business park can offer tenants various types of service. The price for service is agreed on a case-by-case basis or based on pure hourly billing.


Project support when moving into the Business Park
In connection with moving in, we can offer project management, project support or other services. Contact us to find out your needs.


ProfilService A/S gladly offers cleaning, regardless of the size of the area.

Waste management
It will be possible to get a scheme where the Business Park disposes of the tenants' ordinary waste in a reassuring and environmentally friendly way.


Østervej 2, 4960 Holeby, Denmark


+45 22 95 17 20